Thursday, August 12, 2010

BOGO Cube Beads 3mm from Art Fire

Art Fire is having a Buy One Get One sale on their 3mm Miyuki Cube beads in Khaki.  If you are interested now is the time to buy as it is a limited offer. 

Click here to order.

More information on the beads:
3x3mm approx., Miyuki Cube Square shaped Beads in MAB (matte aurora borealis) Khaki 10 grams

Hole size 2mm

Beads Per Inch 9

UOM 10 grams (approx., 130)

Larger holes work well with larger cording, hemp twine, suede lace, multi-pass for bead weaving.

3mm x 3mm Miyuki Cube / Square Beads are available in an amazing variety of colors and finishes with the majority matching back to other Miyuki Japanese Beads (Delicas, Triangles, Seed Beads, Drops, Magatamas, 4mmx4mm Cubes,to name a few)

Note: Frosted & Matte mean the same Rainbow & AB (aurora borealis)mean the same on transparent beads Iris gives beads a metallic rainbow finish, but is often used to mean rainbow or ab (aurora borealis) 

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