Friday, August 13, 2010

Fall and Winter Jewelry Trends

This isn't really about seed beads persay, but I thought it would give readers a good idea as to where the Fall and Winter trends are heading so they can prepare their stock in those colors. 

Fall and Winter Jewelry Trends

Bold, Colorful Designs are Popular Jewelry Trends for Fall & Winter, 2009 - 2010

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Fall and winter jewelry is trending towards bold, asymmetrical designs with lots of texture, and in colors that are often drawn from nature. Woods with visible grains are being used to make showy beads, and "striped" stones (like agate) are popular for adding visual texture. Overall, components may be mixed, but color and texture are both key elements in current designs. All-metal jewelry is hot, too, with chunky, often hammered components. You'll find some nice examples in white metals, but yellows occupy the number one slot, and are popular in shades of rose to deep gold.

Necklace Trends

Layered necklaces haven't disappeared, but styles are more compact than we've seen in recent seasons. When you surf the Internet, you'll still see pics of celebrities wearing many necklaces, and they're often super heavy, chunky designs. Most of us in the real world will opt for a more subdued look, for practical reasons (cost, uncomfortable weight) and because we aren't providing billboard space for designers. But celebrities are usually on the cutting edge of style -- jewelry they're wearing today may be on retail racks in coming seasons. This Stacked Cube Necklace photo is courtesy of Anthropologie, and is a good representation of current trends. Click any image to zoom in.

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