Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun Peyote Patterns

Here are a few fun peyote patterns gathered together by Shala Kerrigan of Bella Online, The Voice of Women.  She has put together a few pieces that can be used for either bookmarks or bracelets.  Hope you enjoy.

Fun Peyote Patterns

I hope enjoy these patterns as much as I enjoyed graphing them!
I don't currently have a complete alphabet in the style I used for the leet and geek patterns, but intend to make one up to share with you soon.
They can be used as bracelets or bookmarks, if you are going to use them for bracelets I suggest you start beading from the middle, the graphs are marked every ten beads so the middle will be easy to find, that way you can shorten it if necessary or lengthen it symmetrically.
Click the images for the patterns, they will open in a seperate window and are oriented vertically for easy printing.

And here's a blank graph you can right click and save to design your own. I've love to see what you come up with!

Happy Beading!

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